Mission Impossible: 2015 | Glenn Azar

I am on a mission to ‘Build Better Humans’. I want to build people into the best version of themselves, personally and professionally. Is this a Mission Impossible? I don’t think so.

For the last 15 years I have been actively involved in leading people on adventures all around the world through my company Adventure Professionals. I pride myself on not being an ‘Adventure Guide’, but instead being an ‘Adventure Leader’. What does that mean?

Glenn and Jason

When people come on an adventure with me I want them to have an experience of a lifetime. I want them to experience personal development/growth, through overcoming adversity, through learning about Australian History or what I would call ‘Australian Spirit’ (more on that a little later), through meeting local people in other countries and understanding their culture, through getting out of their comfort zone. It’s experiential learning, learning through doing things, learning through an experience.

To get the full picture of what I mean, check out this 45 minute documentary completed by the amazing team at TPD Media on our recent Kokoda Track Adventure.

My mission is to be a Game Changer in your life.

I have spent the first 30 years of my life bumming around. Just being happy to let the World happen to me. It gave me some freedom in that when things went wrong, I could blame the World, the people who caused this to happen, pretty much everyone but myself.

However I have learnt over the last 13 years, and continue to learn, that the only way to change anything in my life was to change the way I viewed things. If things always happened to me, if things were always someone else’s doing, someone or something else’s fault; what I was really doing was giving the power to everyone and everything in the World.

I needed to take control. I needed to take responsibility.

Yes there are things we can’t change. Yes things happen that we can’t always understand or control.

But by giving these things the power, and complaining about the World sucking, people sucking, ‘Why does this always happen to me?’ (come on we’ve all heard that one and maybe even said it); what I was actually doing was giving away my own power to control my life.

No you can’t control everything in the World, but there’s one thing you can control and that’s yourself. You control how you react to any given situation. Improve your reactions, improve your outlook, improve your daily actions and you will improve your outcomes. I guarantee it.

So I am working on a new program I have affectionately called the ‘Game Changer’, because that’s exactly what it will do for you. It will change the game you’re playing. You will improve your life by taking charge, by thinking at a higher level.

  • Improved personal relationships
  • Improved work/business outlook

This program is for:

  • People that want to live a better life
  • People that want to improve their relationships (with kids, partners, at work)
  • People that believe they deserve more in life
  • People that are not excuse makers
  • People that are willing to get uncomfortable in chasing their dreams.
  • People willing to take immediate action

I can positively say that this program is not for:

  • People who believe the World is out to get them.
  • People who love to blame others for anything that goes wrong.
  • People that are looking for a quick and easy fix.
  • People that want to sit and take it in, hoping that I will fix their problems for them.

If you want to know more drop me a line – glenn@adventureprofessionals.com.au