28 Days to Make a Plan for 2015 | Glenn Azar

Do you hate New Years Resolutions?

Do you get to the end of the year and realise you haven’t achieved what you wanted to?

I have designed a very specific program that will ensure you get to the end of 2015 and look back in amazement at what you have achieved.

This 28 Day Positive Mindset Challenge will help you to:

  • Clearly identify your goals
  • Give you proven steps to achieve those goals
  • Daily email and motivation to keep you accountable
  • Access to a private Facebook Group
  • Worksheets and Video’s to ensure you stay focused

This will be the most beneficial thing you have done for yourself in many years and I guaranteed the results if you follow the entire program.

This is not a quick fix. I will guide you but I cannot do the work for you.

Who is this perfect for?

  • Anyone who is unsure of how to find their passion
  • Anyone that is unhappy with where they’re at and want to achieve more
  • Anyone that knows where they want to be but are unsure of how to get there
  • Anyone that starts a year full of bounce but somewhere loses track
  • Anyone will to do what it takes to achieve more

This program is unique in that it was designed due to demand from people asking for exactly this help from me.

It was designed because I had the desire to help as many people as possible and through this method you don’t have to live close or see me face to face.

So what does it cost?

$1 per day.

That’s right. $28 for 28 days of the most amazing insights and content I have ever delivered.

So what are you waiting for?

To sign up simply hit the paypal button below, once processed you will receive and email from me with a little homework before we get started.

When does it start?

1st February 2015.

I chose the 1st February because many people have long forgotten their New Year’s Resolutions by then. I want you to be clear of that confusion and ready to get on track.

What will you get out of it?

You will be clearly able to define your goals for 2015 but even more than that you will be handed the tools to keep setting goals for years to come.

You will set a habit of success. 28 days ensures you keep your focus on where it needs to be and for long enough to actually create a habit.

Why should you sign up?

Because you’re worth it.

This is a tiny investment, and purposely so, to encourage and nurture people into taking a risk on themselves.

The money won’t worry you but the challenge will be whether you can spend 28 days staying in a positive mindset and focusing on yourself and your goals.

This can be hard but with my support and guidance you will find it much easier and very beneficial.

What if I’m unsure?

E-mail me and we can organise a catch up via phone or skype.

You have nothing to lose at just $1 per day. I will never run this program, this cheaply again.

I have done it this time because I want to remove any excuses for you to achieve your best year ever.