The Three Keys to Commitment | Glenn Azar

Any goal worth achieving is going to require COMMITMENT from you. In fact I believe that commitment is the Number One ingredient to getting you to where you want to be and ensuring you stay on track through the many challenges you will encounter along the way.

It’s very easy to say you want something but to have the commitment to follow through, well that’s the Game Changer right there.

I recently recorded a podcast around this and also put together a video for my Monday Morning Motivation which you can see below.



Your purpose is the reason you’re doing what you’re doing. To assist with staying on track and maintaining your commitment to the goal is need to be very real to you. This means you have to be able to visualise it as if it was real right now, as if it’s already happened. You have to experience it in full HD detail. You must be able to touch it, see it, feel it, smell it, taste it, live it and breath it.

What does the experience feel like to you? What are the benefits for you having achieved this goal? What will you lose or how will ir effect you to not achieve this goal?

Your purpose must be crystal clear not all wishy washy, because if it’s wishy washy then so is your commitment and when the going gets tough you will fold up and go find something easier to do.


Any goal that is important, that is worthwhile is going to involve some sacrifices from you. If you don’t believe that, then you will be rudely awoken at some point along the path to achieving your goals. The thing here is to identify the sacrifices you will need to make and then make the decision that you’re willing to actually make them.

Perhaps it’s less time socialising, going out less to save money, spending more time educating yourself, choosing to spend less time around family and friends that mean well but tend to give you scope to procrastinate, maybe it’s watching less television and not staying up to date with your favourite series on netflix. Whatever the sacrifices look like for you, you will be best served on your path to achieving your goals if you’re able to identify the most likely sacrifices and then make the conscious decision to follow through on giving them up for the period of time required t give you the best chance to achieve your goals.


I know this seems an obvious one, you can’t succeed at much in life if you don’t have the determination to do so in the first place but, in this case determination is more around the fact that you understand there will be challenges on the path to success. There will be people and circumstances that will get in your way, some on purpose and some just as a part of life. Key 3 is about deciding before you even commence towards the goal that no matter what you will maintain the determination to succeed.

This is closely linked with Key 1 as you have to be so clear in your purpose. If your purpose doesn’t fill you with the determination required then your purpose, or reason for chasing this goal, isn’t compelling enough and you may want to start looking deeper for a real goal. One that means something to you not one that would just be a ‘nice to have’.