What’s the Theme for 2016? | Glenn Azar

2016 is here and with it comes refreshing chance for change.

I am not interested in the whole New Year New You stuff. I have been in the Health & Fitness arena for some years, I have been in Personal and Professional Development for years. I have seen all the advertising for New Year New You, in fact i too have used it but this year I am changing my perception and my approach. I have skipped the New Year’s Resolution and instead started a New Year’s Revolution.

What does that mean? Well it’s a chance to change the way you approach the year. I know a lot of people that didn’t have a great 2015. Let’s turn this year in it’s head. Let’s change the way we approach things. Let’s start our own revolution.

I don’t want to hear about New Year New You because you don’t need a new you. What you need is to refine the you that you are. Use all the lessons from life, all the things that have made you who you are, and let’s refine that. Instead of a new you let’s have a refine version to bring out the best of you.

The Start Point

The start point for me in 2016 is to choose a theme that I want the year to run by. What is the one major focus?

Now you can have pother goals of course (think about the Big Five) but the theme is the one over-riding focus for the year. You might have things like:

The year of Education.

The year of Business Growth.

The Year of Family and Down Time.

It’s really up to you where you go with this. Then you aim to put your theme over the top of everything else you do for the year.

If you can have a true 100% focus on ONE thing as your main subject, it’s impossible not see growth and success int his area. Impossible.

If you tell me that you’ve given 100% focus and things haven’t change then I challenge your view of what 100% is. I think you’ll find you’ve not given it 100%, and taken a  few short cuts along the way.

2016 – if you’re working with me, is not that year. You will not take shortcuts, and if you do you can expect to be called on it. I am not going to BS you in 2016 and I expect the same in return.

If you want someone to pat you on the back when not giving 100% and playing to your excuses, please phone your Mum or a friend. My role in the Revolution is to keep you honest and keep you accountable.

By doing this we will kick 2016’s arse and we will do it big time.

So work out your theme and join my New Year’s Revolution for a seriously awesome 2016.

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