What’s the First thing you focus on when you wake up? | Glenn Azar

Do you wake up and immediately focus on your problems or on the things good in your life?

You have the opportunity to commence each day as a blank slate. There’s no requirement to relive and refocus on the problems of the day before.

I’m not suggesting these problems will go away, You have to deal with things, you can’t just bury your head in the sand and hope that they will go away. But if you wake each morning and immediately focus on your problems then you’ve set the tone for your whole day.

There’s a real good chance your day will be filled with problems and not just the ones you started with, but other problems (like attracts like).

I have spoken with and coached many people who suffer from insomnia because they go to bed focusing on their problems and they wake the next morning, often in the early hours, with their problems still being the first thing on their minds.

Does this sound familiar?

If you take a step back and analyse this a little how can it possibly make sense? How can it possibly benefit you?

Try a different strategy. Try focusing on the good things in your life. Think about all the things you’re grateful for and how these things have impacted your life.

Think of the problems and the lessons to be learnt from them, the strengths to be carried away and even the logical way in which they can be solved or removed. Trust me, there’s always a logical and simple answer if you look for it.

When you go to bed think of these positives and again when you wake first thing in the morning. Start your day focusing on things that bring a smile to your face and that make your heart sing.

Personally I like to watch video’s on youtube that show people overcoming great odds to achieve things. People with much more to sit and complain about than you or I and yet they succeed.

There are plenty of examples of these people on youtube so look for them.

Bottom line, you’re responsible for your own happiness.If you want to be happy, you will make the effort and find a way. If you like to languish in a ‘poor me, my life’s so hard’ attiude, then you will do that. But you do have a choice.

Focus on the good stuff. Start your day on that note and approach the World with a different energy and attitude. You will be presently surprised at the result it brings.