Three Rules for a Great Business | Glenn Azar

GA Rules of EngagementIt’s ok to be totally in love with your business or your brand. In fact it certainly helps to grow a passionate business and brand if you love what you do.

But success is more than just what you deliver. The culture of how you deliver what you deliver is so important. Many businesses don’t seem to get it, but it is vital.

I have always had three main rules for my team to follow, these are different to Values, Mission Statements, or that type of thing. These are more Rules of Engagement. A quick check list to ensure you’re on the right path with every decision you make within the business, no matter what your job description or specific role or title is.

My Rules are:

1. Client First Always.
2. Brand Second.
3. Ourselves as Individuals Third.

1. Client First Always.

This is not saying the client is always right, because some times they just aren’t. It doesn’t mean having to put up with a client with a shit attitude either. I expect a certain level of dedication and respect from my team, but I also expect the same from my clients. If they don’t fit our culture I would prefer not to have them as clients.

What this rules means is any decision that puts the client out for our own convenience just isn’t on. Without clients we don’t have a business and we don’t get to do what we love. So we focus on them and our decisions must be around what serves them best.

Get this right and they will return the favour with referrals and recommendations to their family, friends and anyone looking for the service we offer.

2. Brand Second.

Your brand is the very thing you trade on. It’s you reputation, it’s what people come to you for. Brand is always second because if you do something to effect the brand then you effect everyone else that works there.

If you do something that is shit then we potentially all get branded as that. How often do you hear people say “We don’t go to (insert business here) they’re service was terrible.”? When in fact it may have just been one or two employees who gave you bad service.

People never say “(insert business here) is a great business but Joe who served me has a terrible attitude.” No, they (and I am sure you and I) will blame the business not the individual.

3. Ourselves as Individuals Third.

Ourselves as individuals third unless something’s happening in our lives that effects the first two points. If you’re having personal issues at home, or wherever, and you don’t feel you can give the client the service they deserve or the brand the recognition and effort it deserves then I would prefer my team take a day or two to go and get it sorted. There’s nothing worse than disinterested, disengaged team members who want to be somewhere else rather than being there for the clients.

Remember that your team are the most important part of your business because they are the face of the business on a day to day basis, and they’re the very thing your business is often judged on.

Spend time building them up so that they and your business become sought after.

The next most important thing is the clients because without them you don’t have a business. Provide value and a great environment for them; create a place that they want to come back to. Look after and develop your team and they will create the best environment for your clients.

Also don’t be afraid to hold your team to account (and yourself in the process). Ultimately it will help them in their future career paths, it will help your clients get the best service possible and it will help your business be a success.

Success is never by accident. Not long term success. You need to work at it, and stay on top of it. Remember Rest is Rust.