Reach Your Peak in 2016 – Are you good enough? | Glenn Azar

I have spoken recently with work groups and individuals and the common theme for improving anything that you’re involved in, from business to personal life, is to work on yourself.

That makes sense doesn’t it? If you’re the common theme in your own life, and you want to succeed, then focus on being the best version of yourself possible. I love to coach ‘people’ as much as the ‘business’ because I believe that when someone improves themselves, and opens themselves to the idea they don’t know everything, inevitably their business improves as well.

As business owners or managers it’s very easy to think we have all the answers. This is never the case and can never be the case because the World evolves at such a rate that what we knew yesterday can become obsolete or dated by tomorrow. Have the ability to look at yourself honestly and openly and see where you can improve what you can do better and then go work on those things.


I have recently shared my goal setting worksheet with people for free. This is what I use to plan 2016 and in fact the last few years. I have found it simple and effective. I offered it for free to anyone interested  and was quite overwhelmed by the response. To me it shows that people want to have a better year in 2016; people want to improve themselves, and that’s a great thing to know.

If you missed out you can download it here: GA Reach Your Peak

It’s broken down into three very simple steps:

  1. Your Big Five
  2. 90 Day Goals
  3. Weekly Goals

The Big Five is a concept from Robin Sharma (author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and a heap of other great books). The idea is that your Big Five is five things you want to achieve in 2016 to make it your best year ever.

This can consist of business, career, personal and relationship goals. A key here is to have a nice spread across different areas of your life, but also remind yourself that not every goal in your Big Five has to be mind bending, earth shattering and hard to comprehend. This is a common mistake where people feel if the goal isn’t amazing then it can’t go on the list. This is your list. Forget what impresses other people, this is about you. Some examples that I have seen in workshops:

  1. Learn to play guitar
  2. Take one weekend a month away as family only time
  3. Turn off emails on Friday to make it a day to tidy up my administration to close out the week
  4. Study a course in XYZ to improve my position at work or in business
  5. Get over my fear of public speaking by enrolling in a group or course

These lists can go on and on but have to be yours and yours alone. If you have trouble coming up with five things then I feel you may be thinking too hard. Connect back with yourself, strip away the fluff and image that you think others want and focus on what it is that makes you come alive. What do you want to improve?

Crowd at concert

If you can’t think of anything to move towards try this technique: What do you think about when by yourself? What do you like to read about? What interests you when you’re not given anything to think about or focus on?

Very soon you will start to notice a theme. Workshop that a little more and you will find something or a few things that really make you feel alive and refreshed. Now go find something to do that ties in with that.

The Bottom Line:

If you want to do better you have to be better. You have to know more and be better at it than anyone else. You have to build a strong team and you have to seek education be it formal or informal to be the best you can.

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