New Year, A Better You | Glenn Azar


New Year, New You or New Year, A Better You?

Well it’s that time of year where you promise yourself that you will eat better, exercise more, give up smoking, cut back on alcohol, work harder, spend more time with your family, sign up to a gym or a bootcamp and many other weird and wonderful resolutions. Of course these are the main ones.

  • How many of these have you made before?
  • How many have you kept to?
  • Why does this seem to be a pattern for you every year?

Nearly all Gyms and Personal Trainers push a New Year New You program at this time of year. I pushed it myself for the 13 years that I built and ran my own gym, but I have to ask now, are you really looking for a new you?

I think what you really want to find is a better you. You want to make improvements in who you are, how you feel and what you do. You don’t need to be a total new you. You’re not a car that needs total replacement. You don’t get the luxury of a use by date (or at least when you reach that then no program is going to help). You might need a tune up, maybe have the odd panel beaten here and there, but let’s not throw out the whole thing and bring in something new.

The fact is, it’s impossible to be a total New You. The essence of who you are is an undeniable part of your character. It’s why you have the friends you have and perhaps even the enemies you have. But you are you and that’s cool. I am a believer in being authentically you. If you can’t be authentic to your inner self, your inner identity then you’re on hiding to nothing anyway because eventually your true character is going to show. You can’t hide that forever.

Dr Seuss

Can you make improvements to you? Absolutely. In fact if you’re not constantly evolving then I think you have a real problem.

You never sit still. You are either moving forward or you’re moving backward. You see even if you sit still, the whole World moves forward, so by sitting still you’re actually moving backwards when put in the context of the rest of the World.

I would love to see you make a serious go of making positive changes in 2015. Identify the negatives in your life. The things you felt held you back or stopped you achieving what you wanted in 2015. Identify these and write them down.

These need not be all external, nor all personal things you did wrong.

Anything at all that had some effect on holding you back.

Once you have identified these points, you then need to make a note of the opposite things that can be done to counteract these in 2015.

If you want a totally different outcome then you need to find the totally opposite point to aim at; a different approach than what you’ve used before.

Remove the negatives and replace them with the positive behaviours that will assist you in getting the outcomes you really want.

If you get to the end of 2015 and have the same complaints about the same results as 2014 then you deserve to be where you are.

Conversely, if you make adjustments and really get the results you want, well you deserve to be where you are once again.

See, wherever you end up in life, you have responsibility for it. Own it. Your success and your failure, because once you own it then you can make whatever adjustment you need to. You have taken responsibility for you position in life and that’s very empowering.

Have a great year, and let’s get ready to milk 2015 for all it has to offer.

Yours in Success and Achievement,


ps. One way I can help is through my 28 Day Positive Mindset Challenge. Check the video below for a few extra details.