My One Main Goal in Life | Glenn Azar

It seems a little weird as a Coach to say that I have main ONE life goal, but it’s true.
It just happens to be a broad reaching goal and here it is:

To stop people drawing lines in the sand.

I spent the majority of my youth being told what I couldn’t do, that I was weak, that I would never be as good as my Dad or live up to what he had achieved in life. He was a big angry guy. Couldn’t handle his drink and had a chip on his shoulder about how his life turned out.

What’s the way to handle that? Take it out on those smaller and weaker than you, but they stay smaller and weaker. Eventually they get the opportunity to make their own decisions.

It’s funny because when that happens to you, you have two possible responses.

1. Rinse and Repeat. This is where a person repeats the same cycle that they were subjected to, event though they hated it; or

2. Change. I chose to change. I chose to never allow people to tell me what I couldn’t do. Initially it was to my detriment because it was done with a rebellious attitude but eventually I learnt that I could achieve some amazing things if I just allowed myself to believe I could.

I then set about ensuring I never told my children what they could or could not achieve. If they wanted to try something, then I say go for it. Climb Mt Everest, be a teacher, become a hairdresser, whatever they want I will encourage.

Now Your Turn:

As I grew into more than just my own motivation, I grew into the coaching space, I noticed so many people seemed to have drawn a line in the sand at an early stage of life and then forever believed they couldn’t cross it.

So my main goal in life became – Teach people not to draw lines in the sand.

Don’t believe the story that they’ve told themselves for years, because that’s all it is – a story and you can change the story.

If you want to know more about how you can change your story then drop me a line.

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