Live out of your imagination, not your history. | Glenn Azar

People are often dictated to, by themselves, well their perception of their past to be more specific. They dictate to themselves based on the things that went wrong before, they’re failed attempts at something. They think of the pain it involved to fail, to be hurt, to not succeed.

If this sounds like you then stop it. How can you possibly move forward when you’re focusing on your failures? You’ve had successes too. You’ve had happy times and things you’ve done well.

Try living out of your imagination and leave the past where it is, in the past. Learn from it, absolutely. But you don’t have to carry it around with you.

Your imagination is where your dreams lay. Your dreams form the groundwork for your goals. Your goals are something you take action on. When you take action on something so important to you  as a dream, spectacular things can happen.

Might you fail again? There’s every chance. But if you don’t give it a go then you’ve already failed. You failed to even try. You’ve told yourself that your dreams are less important than the risk of the pain of failure. Isn’t that just some bullshit? Don’t live that life. Live the life you want to live. That’s why you imagined it in the first place.

Have a great week everyone.

As always I encourage you to live with purpose, passion and own each day, do not let the day or the challenges own you.


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