Lessons Learned from the Movie Southpaw | Glenn Azar

Boxing is a sport that is all about overcoming adversity but are there lessons that you can learn and use in your everyday life or in business?


I have just watched the movie SOUTHPAW. I highly recommend it, although I am a self-confessed boxing nut. The movie was more than the usual Rocky story. It was about trusting people and being able to see the true colours of people around you. Not everyone who pretends to be on you side is really on your side. Let their actions define them and make sure you take notice of those actions.

It was also about controlling your emotions. Anger can have a real negative impact, it doesn’t matter who was at fault if the result is losing someone or something you love. Being ‘right’ will provide you very little comfort.


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SOUTHPAW was about coming back from adversity and understanding your ‘why’. When the time came, his love for his daughter made him straighten out, step up from the adversity he’d suffered and the self-destructive pity that he was allowing himself to be engulfed by. Bad things happen in life, that’s life, but if you sit and react with pity and ‘why me?’ then the cycle will not change and life will not improve. Find your ‘why’. Find a strong enough reason to change your reaction and you have every chance of being the Champion again, or at the very least you will improve your future.

Finally it was about change. He made adjustments in his game even after being Champion of the World. He didn’t go into his comeback trying to use the same strategy and expecting a different result. He sought change, he did the work to change and he was successful in getting a new result. Are you willing to change to get a new result, a better result? Click here.

Boxing and life can offer you so many ways to overcome adversity. Sometimes the best plans just don’t work out the way you thought they might.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. – Mike Tyson

Life will punch you in the face. What will you do about it?

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