I Challenge You | Glenn Azar


Are you up for it?

2015 is quite literally just around the corner. I spend a large chunk of my time improving who I am, what I spend my time doing and the way in which I do it.

I also spend a large chunk of my time helping others do the same. I help people not because I’m an expert, not because I have it all right, but more because I want people to be able to be a part my journey and also to learn from my experiences. I like to help people become better at whatever ‘THEY’ want to become better at. It’s about them not me.

This is where my challenge for you comes in, but more about that in a minute.

Did 2014 live up to your Expectations?

No doubt you started 2014 with some real drive and ambition. There were things you wanted to achieve, and there was no way this wasn’t going to be your year.

  • What were those things?
  • How did you chart your success or you lack of progress?
  • Did life throw you a few curve balls?
  • Did you get off track?

Life rarely runs smoothly. More to the point, life rarely unfolds in the way we see it in our minds. This then has the tendency to throw us off and feel like the World is against us.

Let me just tell you that the World isn’t against you. The World doesn’t care if you succeed or fail. You’re just one of a billion animals inhabiting the Earth. It doesn’t matter to the World whether you’re on top or the bottom of the pile.

So why do you feel like life gets on top of you sometimes? It’s simple really. Your perception is your reality. If you believe that things are bad, then your mind looks for evidence to prove you right. The more evidence you find, the more you believe the World is against you. The more you believe that you’re not meant to succeed. It’s a cycle. A bad one.

You can convince yourself that it’s your social upbringing, your education, other people holding you back, no one willing to help you, you just don’t get the breaks. ‘If only I was luckier.”

All of this is bullshit, but if you believe it then it’s real because your perception is your reality.

Have you ever been in an argument with someone that you just know is wrong, and yet they defend their position as if they’re right? You can’t work out how they don’t see it your way because you’re clearly right and they’re clearly wrong.

We’ve all been there haven’t we?

What if I told you that you’re both right? In fact you’re both wrong as well. See you’re perception is your reality, but so to is the other persons. Therein lies the problem. If you each perceive your side of an argument is correct, then this is your reality and it’s simply incomprehensible to each of you that the other person can’t be swayed to see it your way.

I tell you this as a way of referencing my point about perception and reality.

If you’re not achieving something you want or the World seems against you then work on changing your perception of things, because if you can change your perception then you can change your reality.

Now this isn’t easy. It’s not as simple as just changing what you believe. This has to come from deep within and it takes time and a constant search for a new perception. Perhaps you could even benefit from a Coach or close personal friend (one who is willing to hold you to account) and they can delve deeper and push your boundaries to ensure your perception of yourself and what you’re capable of is able to change.

If you truly believe, and by this I mean so much more than just ‘saying the words’ or writing a positive status on Facebook, if you truly believe then you will start to see different results.

Enough of this what’s the Challenge?

My challenge to you is to be better.

I challenge you to be better in 2015 than you were in 2014. This means not looking for reasons outside of you, as to why things don’t work. Take responsibility. Own your fails and own your successes.

  1. Start by writing out your BIG FIVE. That’s the five main things you want to achieve in 2015 to make it your best year ever. 
  2. For each of the Big Five write a sentence or two as to why it’s important to you. What will it really mean to you when you achieve this goal?
  3. For each of the Big Five write a sentence about what you will lose or miss out on if you don’t achieve this goal. What’s the loss?
  4. Write three or four bullet points of steps that would be required to achieve each of the Big Five.

Problems are going to arise and maybe you don’t achieve all of these things, but if you have no real plan then there’s not much chance of getting there.

If you get in a car and just start driving, no map, not following any real plan and hope to end up in Melbourne, is that reality? No. You need a plan. You need to know what towns you will go through (markers to ensure you’re on track). If you get off track you can adjust immediately rather than wait until the end of the trip (or the end of the year) to realise that you didn’t make it where you intended.

You have to believe in yourself. You have to change your perceptions and you have to change your approach. If whatever you did this year didn’t work, then why repeat it next year and expect a different result? That’s crazy.

Challenge 1

Belief is a deep in the soul thing. It’s not what you project on the World through Facebook. It’s what you say about yourself, to yourself, when you’re by yourself that has the most effect or does the most damage. If you can’t get that deep level belief then get someone to help you. But you need to get it.

Just remember that there are people out there with more to complain about, more reasons to make excuses who still go after what they want. You can do it too.