Don’t Believe Everything You See | Glenn Azar

How often have you heard a rumour or spread a rumour because you heard it from someone else? You haven’t checked the facts, you certainly haven’t spoken to the person involved to clarify it. You’ve heard a theory or opinion and then run with it as a fact.

I have zero doubt in my mind that we’ve all done this. I also know that we have all been on the other side and heard some outlandish thing about ourselves that we wonder how anyone would even believe it could be real.

The lessons I have learned are simple enough. Don’t believe everything you hear. That’s simple enough right?


But I have also learned not to believe everything I see. That means in print media, on tv or even with my own eyes.

It’s easy to comprehend with media – I mean they have an angle for the story, a slant, and it’s easy to shape the viewer to lean one way or the other purely by the way the story is run.

But how can I not believe what I see? Well that’s simple enough. We view everything through our own interpretation of the World. This is shaped by our own experiences, our own beliefs, our upbringing, the style of education we have been through. No two people will ever have the same exact beliefs in every area.

This means that when we see something it may well be taken out of context or viewed from our perspective or without the full story of why someone is doing something.

Learn to be objective and ask questions before jumping the gun and condemning someone without truly knowing what has happened or is happening in their lives.