Do you really want to change or just whinge about your life? | Glenn Azar

So often I get people that sit and want to be coached to make change in their life. They’re unhappy with something and my experience tells me that it’s something that’s caused them discomfort or distress for some time before they seek help.

I will then sit and open discussion around this topic and together we will nut out numerous strategies that would end up with a different result. Of course something has to change in order for the outcome to change. That makes sense right?

Why then do so many people want to sit and give me every excuse under the sun why each strategy won’t work?

Do you do this? Yeah great idea but ….

Remove the word BUT from your vocabulary, especially when trying to find a different result.

You either want to change or you want to sit and complain about how tough your life is without seeking to change it. You can’t have a foot in each camp. When it comes to change you’re either all in or not in at all.

Don’t waste my time or yours if you want to sit and explain to me in detail how nothing will work. If you do that, then I don’t believe you want to change. There’s something about the situation that you like. It can be as simple as the support people give you when you give your tough luck story, you know – ‘Oh you poor thing, that’s terrible.’ blah blah blah.

If a behaviour is repetitive, then there’s something in there that you’re attached to – negative behaviour included.

If you want to stop a negative cycle then be honest with yourself and identify that behaviour, stop the addiction to being a victim and make a change. If you won’t make the change, then at least stop complaining and seeking sympathy.

You can change. Others have done it and you can too.

Want a better job? Educate yourself and make yourself more valuable to employers.

Want a better relationship? Make it about the other person for a while and not about you. You will be surprised with the result.

Want to do better in business? Get out and connect with people, other businesses, networking events. Do something different.

Whatever your problem, write it down, write possible solutions and then work through them. If nothing changes then nothing changes.

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