Are You a Gladiator? | Glenn Azar

Are you a Gladiator?

Someone who is willing to fight to the death to achieve your greatest victories and dreams?

When I was in the Army I picked up a nickname that has stuck with me to this day – Razor. It came about when we discussed what our Gladiator name would be and someone suggested Razor because it rhymed with Azar, and maybe because I have a shaved head.

I would love to tell you that it was the cool kind of Gladiator like Rusty in the movie but it was sadly more after the lycra wearing TV Gladiators which were big on TV at the time.

Gladiator 02

Don’t let that take away the cool message though which to me was this:

Having  a Gladiator name was something that reminded me that I am a fighter; that I will go above and beyond for the things and people that I love and respect. At the time this had no business meaning to me, it was a life value and as a Soldier it meant that I would fight and die for those around me should the need arise.

As I transitioned some years later from the military into the business World I maintained the link to the name and it’s deeper meaning.

I may have lost it for a while because I thought there was not as much on the line in business as there was in the Army; but I soon realised that business was tough, it was tumultuous, unpredictable, filled with spirits souring success and soul crushing defeats. I struggled early to comprehend the new surroundings, the new front line I had positioned myself into.

I am forever linked to the name Razor. It’s a reminder that I am willing to fight for what I want. I am willing to die, maybe more figuratively these days than literally like the Army days, but fight and die none the less.

Are you willing to do the same?

What’s your Gladiator name? Come up with one. You don’t have to use it as a nickname but perhaps it will serve to remind you of just how much you’re willing to fight for what you want.

Have it written somewhere, anywhere, to remind you that you are willing to step into the arena where your triumphs and failures are there for the World to see. Not everyone has that courage.

In to the arena a world apart,
Roaring past that chariot cart,
This is war were legends are named,
To the death or go down in flames.
Two men enter one man leaves,
Fight to the death for all to see,
Crowd shout for blood ain’t no remorse,
Armed to the death with brutal force!
Into the games lions come out,
Held in chains there must be doubt?
Crowd shout out that sudden roar,
Blood and guts they all adore.
Chariots engage warriors clash,
Who will survive the gods ask?
To the end emperor calls,
Sword goes in another one falls.
Now is the time he cant defend,
This is the place were warriors attend

Paul Gardner

Business and success in general are war. They require you to be willing to fight for what you want.

Be a Gladiator, the cool kind. 🙂

Gladiator 03

All the best in your battle,