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Mark Hunt

In this game you either stand up or get out of the way   – Mark Hunt UFC

Life is a Fight

The skills for success in any arena of life can be directly modeled from those successful in similar areas to your goal, or even other areas. I love the above quote from Mark Hunt (a UFC fighter) because it rings true in life. If you want something you better be willing to stand up or get out of the way of those who are willing to.

I have been assisting people in overcoming obstacles and freeing their thinking for some years now and I have found it interesting that many people tend to get in their own way. They have dreams and goals, but then tell me all the reasons that they can’t stand up and have a go at them. As soon as there’s a challenge, a difficult situation, something doesn’t go exactly the way they think it should, they use it as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. What a cop out.

Let’s be honest, most of us have experienced this limited thinking at some stage in our lives. Many keep this limited thinking all their lives and I find that really sad. So let’s get a couple of things straight:

1. The World Doesn’t Owe You Success.

Yeah I know you’ve heard this before but it’s true. Don’t have a sook as soon as things get a bit     tough. The tough times, the challenging times are our chance to prove we want something             more than others want it.

If you get off your arse and have a go you’re not guaranteed success, but I have no doubt             you’ve got a better chance statistically than those not willing to step up.

2. Take Responsibility for Everything that Happens to You.

I’m not saying you’re directly responsible for every little thing that happens, but you CAN take         full ownership over how you react to these things. If you choose to be a victim and live in the           past, then rest assured the past will keep coming back to you in some form or other.

You’ve been doing that for years and where has it got you? How about trying a different                   approach? Look at the event and see where you contributed to it in any way. If you did, then           fix it. If you didn’t then move on, you couldn’t change it then and reliving it won’t change it               now. Stop blaming your past. Bad shit happens to everyone but when you woke up this                   morning you had a choice. Start a different story, or relive the old one. Control your life or               let it control you.

3. Positive Thinking Doesn’t Mean Anything.

Yeah you read it right. I don’t believe in positive thinking, positive quotes, pictures, music,               movies or books that inspire you. I believe in positive action. All the Thinking in the World               doesn’t beat Action.

Those other things are great, if they’re accompanied with the appropriate action. I also                   believe that the majority of your inspiration needs to be internal. You need to search for                   your reason WHY. That will be the biggest driver to ensure you take action.

4. False Positives are Not Positive.

I hate false positives. You know those memes that people post all the time about ‘haters be             motivators’ blah blah blah. #haters #motivators #dontletpeopleruinyourday #ftw

If you address anything to how you don’t care about your haters, all you’re really saying is               that you care a whole lot about what the haters are saying. Maybe you’re even a little paranoid       thinking you have haters in the first place.

Give haters nothing. Never respond, never let them know you care, not even 1%. Starve a               fire of oxygen and it will go out. Starve a hater or doubter of fuel and their fire will go out too.           Their attention will focus on another of the 7 billion people on the planet.

5. Everyone has the Right to Compete.

Just because you come up with some great idea, you can’t get the shits if someone either               directly copies it or if they have a similar idea. It’s competition and competition is healthy. It             forces you to be even better if you wish to stay ahead of the curve.

So often I see people having a whinge when someone is using their ideas. To me it shows               that perhaps you’re not very confident in your own abilities, therefore you need to  own them           outright. Take a different approach, what if your idea was so damned good that others felt the need to copy it? A different focus will bring a different thought pattern and you will feel differently about the situation.

I owned a gym for 13 years and it was very different to other gym set ups in town for a vast             number of years. Eventually people modeled what we do – right down to fonts, colours of                 buildings and even using our wording on their websites with minimal changes. I had new                 trainers come and do their hours with us and six week later they had replicated our set up.

Other people got annoyed but I truly didn’t care. A copy is never as good as the original and           if they make a few dollars out of using ideas that I’ve developed for years then good on them           and good on my team and I for having great concepts back in the beginning.  If I was                       worried about someone competing with me based on their few months in the industry versus my     many years then I’ve wasted those years. Be better.

Bottom line everyone has the right to compete just as you do and very few ideas are truly               original anyway. So use the energy of competition to keep you focused and working hard.

6. Be Willing to Work for It.

There’s no chance of success if you have a million dollar dream and a minimum wage work               ethic.People who have succeeded have done so through hard work whether you like to believe it     or not.

Don’t tell me that people are luckier than you or were born in to better circumstances than you         or have more support than you. Maybe they do, so what. Truth is that if you look hard enough         you’ll also find people with less luck than you, with less support than you with worse                         circumstances than you that have succeeded.

What you focus on most is what you’ll notice so if you focus on all the reasons you can’t                   succeed then you won’t even try, but focus on the reasons you can and then be willing to do           the work and you will be unstoppable.

You don’t have to agree with what I have written, these are just my thoughts and opinions. Don’t take any of it personally, but if you be honest and you find some of these traits in yourself then be willing to identify and rectify it and I believe you will be one your way to achieving your dreams.

Don’t look to avoid challenges or wish for a life free of challenges. Challenges are a part of life and where we do our most growing. Challenges are where the magic happens.

Whatever you want, go chase it and never give up.


Glenn Sign Off