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Like many small business owners I started in business with no idea, no experience and not knowing who to turn to in order to learn more about business. I just had an idea and wanted the FREEDOM that I was positive owning my own business would bring.

I could work the hours I wanted, draw money out whenever I wanted, take time off whenever I wanted, have people do the work for me, right? I mean that’s how it works isn’t it? We’re talking total FREEDOM and no boss telling me what to do. Sign me up.

Well to the outsider maybe.

A lot of business owners LAUNCH into their business with an almost fever pitch of excitement and a feeling like their idea is the best ever and their business is certain to be the best thing in it’s field EVER.

This energy and excitement is super important but there are also many things to take into consideration to ensure that you stay focused when the expected tidal wave of customers doesn’t quite materialise.

Anyone in small business can tell you that it’s TOUGH.

You work harder than you expected, longer than you expected and for a whole lot less than you expected.


Having said that, small business can be great in so many ways but I urge you to look for help to get it right and to support you during the tough times, and there will be tough times. I guarantee that.

In the early days I tried four different ‘Business Coaches’ from franchises through to independent operators and I had a mixed level of success with none of it mind blowing. It certainly wasn’t worth the money spent, on average $1500 – $2000 a month.

The most common problem I experienced was that they all tried to teach me a bouncing ball method. The same model for every business, and that just can’t work. The other problem was that they’d never been in business and I think that’s important. They didn’t have a handle on BAS, GST, PAYG, KPI’s, marketing, owing the ATO money, wages and so the list goes on.

It’s my belief now that real time experience is a must. I didn’t mind paying the money, I was more than willing to invest in myself and my business, the problem was I was getting the service I expected or paid for in my opinion.

How do you overcome problems like this?

I studied and spent some major money investing in my own education to get qualified as a Coach myself. My business improved, I improved (the two go hand in hand) and I learned to use my life’s experiences: growing up, in the Army, in relationships, in businesses and getting to take amazing people on amazing adventures all-around the World; to now be able to change people’s lives.

It’s not all about business. You need to your personal shit together too. The two are so indelibly linked and the sooner I got that, the sooner I improved.

Success is not about never failing, in fact quite the opposite. I have failed more than I have succeeded and that’s what has made me succeed. I think it’s the same for anyone successful. They’ve had set backs that many people wouldn’t fight through, but they did and now they get the benefit of that.

In the last three years of owning my gym, my team and I increased turnover and profit by 100% – 114% every year for three years straight. Not bad and it wasn’t by accident. It was by handwork, dedication and continual education.

I will be putting together a series of Small Business Tips that I believe will benefit you. These are about mindset, leadership, teamwork and customer service to make you and your business the best they can be.

Stay tuned and get excited because this is going to be your place to come and get advice on how to improve.

This is not just for business, but anyone in a leadership role or wanting to be. Make yourself so valuable that your employer or other employers want you, and as a business owner, so that people want to work for you and with you.

Stay tuned.

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