Project 180 – Video Log Series | Glenn Azar

In 2018 I have one major project – PROJECT 180 and I plan to put together a semi-regular VLog series so that people can watch it unfold.

What is Project 180?
Adventure Training & Fitness Centre. A gym with a mezzanine level which houses a presentation set up for seminars and events. This is a holistic centre to run Adventure Professionals, prepare people for adventures, general fitness training and personal development/high performance coaching.

Why Project 180?

Project to show that everyone who comes through the doors is looking for personal development or improvement whether it be through a development course or program, a seminar or through setting a goal like Kilimanjaro, the Kokoda Track or one of our other adventures or maybe through improvement of their day to day health and fitness.

180 to reference 180 degrees. Our goal is to turn people’s lives around. Even people that are successful or doing well but just feel a little stuck. Maybe unfit or unhealthy. We turn people’s lives around.