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Mid-Week Motivation – Hayden Cox – New Wave Vision

Mid-Week Motivation - Hayden Cox - New Wave Vision I recently purchased a book about  surf entrepreneur Haydon Cox titled New, Wave, Vision. Now I won’t sit here this week and recite the book for you or even give you a book review. Instead I wanted to share a few of...

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Mid-Week Motivation – Acknowledge Yourself

Mid-Week Motivation - Acknowledge Yourself It's important to take the time to acknowledge your wins, the small milestones along the way to your bigger goals and dreams. You don't have to get everything right in order to be  success. You have to be willing to celebrate...

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Episode 26 – Chief Brabon – The Original Bootcamp

Episode 26 - Chief Brabon - The Original Bootcamp This week I had a chance to speak to one of Australia's Fittest Men and a trendsetter within the fitness industry. Chief Brabon is a sponsored athlete with Under Armour, a renowned and well respect runner, coach and...

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Mid-Week Motivation – Insights from Alyssa Azar

Mid-Week Motivation - Insights from Alyssa Azar This week's midweek motivation was taken from insights of my time listening to Alyssa speak at different events since returning from Mount Everest.   [soundcloud url=""...

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