Mid-Week Motivation – The Reasons Why You Fail | Glenn Azar

Mid-Week Motivation – The Reasons Why You Fail

As I so often do, I found a quote that I really like and then I dug a little deeper as to what it’s meaning was for me. In fact I use a lot of my personal experiences as well as coaching experiences with clients of mine to find the meaning to things that I read.

I’m not someone that just likes to regurgitate a cool quote, or a deep quote, instead I look for the meaning in it based on my view of the world. We all have different views based on different upbringings, different education levels, different experiences, different circles of influence and the list goes on.

The quote:

Don’t let the toxic mixture of fear and laziness mess with your goals, ambition and produtivity.

So this week’s podcast is what I found lying behind that quote for me. I trust it has some relevance for you too.