Mid-Week Motivation – The Australian Spirit – ANZAC Special | Glenn Azar

Mid-Week Motivation – The Australian Spirit – ANZAC Special

I have just returned from leading three adventures – Aussie 10 Peaks and then back to back Kokoda Track adventures.

One of these was for the charity mates4mates which looks after wounded veterans and their families. On this most recent trip veteran Rachel Kerrigan wrote this amazing poem:

We are soldiers at heart
In life and in spirit,
Joined by a journey of past
And the lessons within it.

They are our brothers in arms
Their spirit unbroken,
We are kindred in cause
Our reasons unspoken.

Tied by experiences
We’ve all struggled in silence,
This journey brings strength
Even through stories of violence.

We are joined in a friendship
That time can not severe,
With bonds we have built
In memories created forever.

We are battered but not broken
The journey our test,
Their stories our lessons
In peace may they rest.

We are brothers through experience
And in life we will endeavour,
To honour their memories
They will be with us in spirit forever.

by Rachel Kerrigan


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