Mid-Week Motivation – Commitment – The Three Keys | Glenn Azar

Mid-Week Motivation – Commitment – The Three Keys

I recently spoke to a group of dance students that are heading to America to perform in a series of dances on the big stage.

I wanted to instill in them the importance of commitment to their goals and so I taught them the three keys of Commitment:

  1. Purpose:This is understanding, in detail, what it will look and feel like to achieve the goal. Why is it important to you? What does it mean to you to achieve this goal? Your purpose has to be crystal clear so that when the tough times come you will be have a strong enough reason to push through.
  2. Sacrifice: To achieve anything worthwhile there are going to be things you need to sacrifice. Less time going out, cutting back on TV, missing out on partying – whatever the sacrifice is going to be you should identify it and make sure that you’re willing to make it. If not then goal is most likely going to be out of reach.
  3. Determination: This is important because there will most likely be a lot of people and circumstances that will get in your way. When the challenges come you to have to be determined to push through them to reach your goal no matter what. If not then your commitment will be shaky and your end goal will not be reached.