Episode 33 – Sean Mulqueen – A Veteran Making a Difference | Glenn Azar

Episode 33 – Sean Mulqueen – A Veteran Making a Difference


This week I get to interview a mate and someone that I have a huge amount of respect for – Sean Mulqueen.

Sean is a veteran who served in the Afghanistan campaign. He has been effected by PTSD and is working his way through these issues but doing it at the same time as making a difference in other veterans lives.

He is working hard to get a memorial built to honour those who fought in Australia’s longest running campaign – Afghanistan.

There is so much value in this week’s episode but not just for veterans. There’s a lot of gold here for anybody listening. This episode demonstrates the difference you can make just by consistently taking action – not waiting for the perfect time but instead just taking the steps no matter how big or small.

We finish this episode with the amazing Rupert McCall reciting his poem – The Ode

You can check out Sean’s business here: Rising Sun Property Maintenance

Also Brett and Rupert Mccall’s business which helps many veterans – Green and Gold Events




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