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Episode 28 – Jaymie Faber – Surf Gypsy and Author following her Heart

Jaymie Faber grew up on the white sandy beaches of the Sunshine Coast on Australia’s East Coast. Her Dad was a keen surfer and her Mum, a beach lovin’ babe.

Her childhood memories are of days in the ocean. The mornings would begin with driving around the coast. Mum, Dad and her younger brother in the car, all belting out tunes to the songs on the radio. A surf report would come over the speakers and an immediate hush would descend upon the car.

Still to this day, no matter where she is, what she is doing or who she is speaking with. If a surf report comes across the radio her attention is immediately caught.

Once at the beach, her Dad would be straight out the back, the promise of a lesson long forgotten with only the allure of the curl on his mind.

A familiar ritual would begin. Her Mum would set up on the sand and Jaymie and her younger brother were in the white water competing for the best wave, yet only allowed to surf directly in front of where Mum sat.

The family would return home salty, happy and satisfied and Jaymie would fall asleep with visions of waves in her head and the dream to make it out the back and surf like Kelly in her heart.

As she grew up Jaymie’s fascination with surfing and surf culture grew, only to be rivalled by her love of books. In high school her pursuit to make it out the back continued, even studying surfing as a subject at school. However, like most teens, she was easily distracted and her vision of surfing like Kelly was forgotten.

School came to an end and with it came her chance to pursue her other dream of seeing the world. The next several years were a blur of cities, countries, cultures, people and hard lessons in growing up.

Jaymie says she “fell” into accounting and although the big salary more than funded her globe-trotting adventures, it never brought her the satisfaction and joy she was seeking in a career.

It was working in Finance, not long after returning to Australia that Jaymie met her soon to be husband and father of her son.

The following couple of years of marriage and playing stay at home mum and housewife gave Jaymie the chance to pursue her love of writing by studying Journalism and Creative Writing at University via distance education.

At 27, Jaymie became a single mum and mainstream Journalism was no longer a career option. Turning to PR and Advertising Jaymie found an avenue which allowed her creativity to flourish and balance her duties as ’Mummy’. It wasn’t long before Jaymie worked her way up from a copywriter to ’Director of Digital Media and Communications.’

During her brief stint as a married woman Jaymie took up surfing again, however, it wasn’t until her divorce and new found ’free weekends’ did she really threw herself back into it.

Her life became a schedule, of work, being mum and fitting surfing in where ever and however she could. As her son grew older, he spent more time with his father and the ’free weekends’ turned into ’free weeks’. Jaymie started venturing further away from home and so began her passionate love affair with surf travel.

Quickly becoming frustrated with sitting in an office knowing there were waves and adventures to make her own, Jaymie soon ditched the 9 — 5 and set out to create “a life she loved to live.” Surf, write, travel became her daily mantra and she hasn’t looked back.




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