Episode 25 – Marty Cornish – From Nothing to Something – Made Status | Glenn Azar

Episode 25 – Marty Cornish – From Nothing to Something – Made Status

This week i sat down and chatted with former soldier turned street clothing brand entrepreneur – Marty Cornish.

Marty is the CEO of his very own brand called Made Status. He explains the journey so far. The ups, the downs, the inspiration behind the brand and the vision to take it further. This was a no holds barred chat and I think you will enjoy the raw nature of what Marty delivers.

Be warned there is a bit of explicit language so maybe wait until the kids are out of the car. 🙂


To provide dope streetwear that connects with and inspires dream chasers all over the world to be the best version of themselves.


The vision for Made Status began back in 2010. Our founder, Marty Cornish, was raised from humble beginnings in public housing and strived hard to become a national advertising manager in Sydney. He eventually joined the Army and started to pursue his vision of a dope yet enduring clothing line on the side.

After six months of training in the Australian Army, Marty printed his first design on 15 tee shirts while in service overseas. The seeds were planted, the streetwear collection grew, and the vision took off and got bigger.

In 2014, Marty had the burning desire to go all or nothing. He left the Army to put everything on the line and devote 100% focus towards developing Made Status into the leading streetwear movement that it is today.


Today, Made Status has six driven, ambitious staff members, with the family growing at an exceptional rate. The whole team is connected to the whole mission: to create something bigger than just fashion, to inspire and connect with people, to reach out to the Dream Chasers.

Marty’s vision for Made Status has always been to create something bigger than just fashion, a movement that stood for something, had purpose, and connected and reached out to the ones who know about the struggle, the ones who want to elevate and progress. This is where the #madefamily naturally developed.


To be one of the leading independent streetwear movements in the world, with offices and flagships in Sydney, LA, NYC, Japan, and London.



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