Episode 24 – Amanda Wilson – CrossFit Contessa – A True #girlboss | Glenn Azar

Episode 24 – Amanda Wilson – CrossFit Contessa – A True #girlboss

I was excited this week to interview a young woman that is not confined by the thinking of others. She is self-motivated, self-driven and self-aware. Amanda is not just a #girlboss she’s a #boss period. I was really impressed with her relaxed, confident, take no crap and yet still very warm manner. Amanda started CrossFit Contessa from scratch with no financial backing. Just her, her husband Jordie and the profits from the sale of their house. This was as all in as you get.


Amanda Wilson has been involved in the Fitness Industry for 10 years. Completing her Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness at the age of 16, she soon found her passion for training women.

Fast forward to today. Owner and Creator of the ONLY Women’s CrossFit on the Sunshine Coast – CrossFit Contessa, Mum to 7 month old Daughter Cali, and passion for helping women achieve their health and fitness goals at an all time high.

CrossFit Contessa – http://www.crossfitcontessa.net/ 




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