Episode 21 – Keith Fennell – SASR, Author, School Teacher | Glenn Azar

Episode 21 – Keith Fennell – SASR, Author, School Teacher

This week I sat down and chatted with a good mate Keith Fennell. Keith is one of the best people I have met and worked with. He uses his previous military history in Special Forces to work with disadvantaged youth through to CEO’s and athletes, all with the aim of giving them the best chance of succeeding in life and whatever endeavours they should choose.


Keith Fennell joined the elite Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) at the age of 21 and was deployed on many operations, including missions to Afghanistan, East Timor, the Solomon Islands and the southern Indian Ocean. He also served on a medical deployment to East Africa, was a member of the boarding party on the controversial MV Tampa incident, and supported counter-terrorism operations.

In late 2002 Fennell left the SAS and moved to the United Arab Emirates, where he was employed as a special operations adviser. In January 2004, he accepted a position in Iraq, and spent the next thirty months running operations there, in Afghanistan and in Banda Aceh.

In June 2006 Fennell returned to Australia. He published his first book, Warrior Brothers, in 2008 and it quickly became a bestseller. His second book, Warrior Training, was released in September 2009. During the next five years Fennell completed a Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Diploma of Education (English and History Majors) in conjunction with supporting numerous high-performance clinics for Australia’s sporting and corporate elite.

Fennell is currently employed as a secondary school teacher in a disadvantaged school in South Western Sydney. His aim is to create opportunity for disadvantaged students by establishing strong relationships and high expectations as a means to unleash student potential.



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