Episode 19 – Scott Evennett – Challenge Accepted | Glenn Azar

Episode 19 – Scott Evennett – Challenge Accepted

This week I am interviewing former Special Forces soldier Scott Evennett. Not only is Scott a former Special Forces soldier, he’s also one of the key secret weapons that Alyssa Azar used to become the youngest Australian to Summit Mount Everest.

Scott has tailored Alyssa’s physical and mental training since January this year through to the successful summit of Mount Everest and continues to hone her physical and mental strength as she aims towards the next of the Seven Summit Challenges which she departs for in December this yea.

Scott now runs a specialised mentoring and physical training program for every day people to become the best version of themselves. His favourite saying ” Challenge Accepted” epitomises his mindset to all challenges in life, physical or mental.

Scott’s personal history is a tribute to the significance he accords the mind/body connect. his early childhood years were spent as a gymnast.

At the age of sixteen, he moved from Sydney to pursue a career in professional football. While in the UK, Scott played for Port Talbot (Welsh Premier League) and Swansea City Juniors (English Second Division). While the disciplines are ostensibly worlds apart, they both required the same incredible mental focus and physical endurance.

Upon relocating to Australia, Scott joined the military forces. For five of the eight years he spent serving in the military, Scott earned a position within the Special Operations Command. He developed extensive knowledge of Special Operations in Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency across Australia and the Middle East. After three tours of Afghanistan, Scott turned the mastery he acquired during his military career toward mentoring programs reaching out globally. Scotty is now an integral business partner in Commando Tough, Evennett and ZERO79.





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