Episode 16 – Alyssa Azar Pt 2 – The Summit | Glenn Azar

Episode 16 – Alyssa Azar Pt 2 – The Summit

In Episode Two of the Building Better Humans Project Podcast I interviewed my daughter Alyssa Azar who was preparing to fly to Nepal and attempt the summit of Mount Everest. Well, she did it. Now we have an interview with Alyssa to ask about that experience of standing on top of the world, the hardest parts of the climb and the plead up, her training program and why she thinks other people should take on adventure challenges.

There’s some great quotes in here about being a woman and taking on the world.

We did this interview with no prep, no pre-questions, just rolled into it. I am very happy with way it flowed and the messages that came out for people listening.

Enjoy the podcast.



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