Episode 14- Kate Hendry – Young, Dynamic and Chasing a Dream | Glenn Azar

Episode 14- Kate Hendry – Young, Dynamic and Chasing a Dream

This week’s guest is a young woman really chasing a dream. I have been coaching Kate Hendry and couldn’t wait to share her story with you. This is a different perspective to those people that are already established in their journey. Kate’s journey has just begun.


With her swift rise in the industry over the past twelve months, Kate Foxx has been hard at work earning her reputation as an energetic and driven talent – showing no signs of slowly down. Making the transition to touring artist and holding crowds in some of Australia’s best-known venues has come naturally: For this Foxx there is no better feeling than engaging the energy of the lively crowds she keeps; gaining their attention and holding it.

Through an authentic love of singing dating back as far as her first steps, there’s no surprise that vocal tracks are a key feature of each set. With strong elements of electro house, a love of feel-good vibes, plus a passion for providing a solid party; Kate Foxx blends genres and blurs the lines of commercial, classics and hidden treasures into main room performance seamlessly.

Already gaining attention on a global level, Kate’s debut feature with Bombs Away was released on international label Moon Records and featured on multiple compilations, while her ‘Ice Cream’ mix series is gearing towards one million plays worldwide across various platforms.

Whether she’s behind the decks or laying vocals in the studio, Kate’s raw talent and hard-working attitude are evident. Developing her songwriting skills and unique sound for the past two years, Kate is currently working on tracks with several established Australian producers, firmly planting her foot in the industry and establishing a future that’s bright for the ever-evolving Foxx.



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