Episode 12- Steve Wakelam – Surviving and Thriving is an Attitude | Glenn Azar

Episode 12 – Steve Wakelam- Surviving and Thriving is an Attitude


This week I sat down with Steve Wakelam. A motivated personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Advocate and Cancer Survivor.

Steve moved to a new town a few years ago and commenced a business in a town of people that didn’t know him. No real connections and yet he built a following very quickly through his energy and passion to inspire others to live healthy and happy lives.

One day, after not feeling 100%, he reported to a doctor and then to hospital for tests and found that he was riddled with cancer. Overnight he lost everything that was important to him; his health, his business and started a fight for survival.

This is not a survivor story though. This is a story of a positive attitude, a story of thriving in the face of adversity.

Take a listen and see just how Steve defied doctors orders and rebuilt his body and his health after dropping 20kg’s through chemo and radiation therapy. This is an amazing story and one well worth your time.


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