Episode 11 – Jacob McLuskie – Fit and Focused to Improve Lives | Glenn Azar

Episode 11 – Jacob McLuskie – Fit and Focused to Improve Lives

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Jacob McLuskie. Jacob is a highly motivated, highly focused personal trainer that realised the best way to have a positive effect on the masses was to build an Army of highly trained Personal Trainers. A team with a common vision, purpose and passion.

If you want to find regular sources of motivation, inspiration and tough love knowledge bombs then look him up on facebook and follow.

If you’re a Personal Trainer looking to learn the tips of the trade to have a successful six figure business then you simply MUST get in touch with Jacob, because that’s what he does. Remember you don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself, it’s totally cool to learn from others mistakes and take a short cut to success. You still have to work hard, but with a little more knowledge it means you get to work smarter.


Jacob Mcluskie is the founder and CEO of Positive Existence Personal Training helping over 2,000 people every week live a healthier, happier life across 28 locations Australia wide. He is also President of the Jason Rich Foundation which since it’s inception has funded 1,046 students through a full day of life saving Defensive Driver Training.”



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