Episode 10 – #AskRazor – The Rehash Series | Glenn Azar

Episode 10 – #Askrazor – The Rehash Series

This week I had initially intended to run an entire episode dedicated to answering your questions and concepts or challenges that seemed to come up every regularly in coaching sessions.

When I came up with that concept I wasn’t running the Mid-Week Motivation series for the podcast. Now that I am running the Mid-Week Motivation, I am using that to answer questions and choose topics based on the things that come up for people coaching sessions. It seems a little crazy to then make this podcast session the same so instead I did a review of all the past episodes and collated all the take away’s.

I hope you find value in that and remember I love your feedback so please head to iTunes and give us a rating or a comment, ask a question, whatever it may be.

Thanks again for the support and taking time out of your day to stay connected.




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