Episode 09 – Phil DiBella – King of Coffee & Culture | Glenn Azar

Episode 09 – Phil DiBella – King of Coffee & Culture

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Phil DiBella – the mastermind behind the DiBella Coffee brand. Phil is an amazing building of culture in the workplace and within teams. He sits on numerous boards, helps out many charities and has sponsored me daughter Alyssa Azar for years so we have a lot of connection points.

On top of that he has passion for the sport of boxing like myself. I chose Phil because he is an amazing communicator and really gets his points across in a way that you can helped but be inspired.


He’s one of BRW’s most celebrated entrepreneurs, a philanthropist and one of Australia’s most passionate businessmen. His love affair with coffee and natural people skills have revolutionised the coffee industry. His name is Phillip Di Bella, and he’s the face behind the ever growing, always changing Di Bella Coffee.

Phillip’s lifelong passion for coffee began when he was a small boy in his family’s Brisbane home. A budding barista from a young age, his skills led to a career at Brisbane’s landmark Cosmopolitan Café. He backed his flair for business with a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Griffith University to ensure the best was still to come for this promising entrepreneur.

In 2002, Phillip launched Di Bella Coffee. A keen observer of people, Phillip was dissatisfied with the level of customer service in the industry and was convinced he had something better to offer. He leased a roaster to craft the first of his exceptional signature blends that have become integral to the global brand Di Bella Coffee is today. He worked hard to promote and share his innovation and vision, initially going door to door to attract clients.. His passion and dedication saw him set up his HQ in Bowen Hills – a new landmark for coffee lovers and a key player in the supply of wholesale coffee to cafes.


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