Episode 08 – Steve Keil – Leadership with a Laser Focus | Glenn Azar

Episode 08 – Steve Keil – Leadership with a Laser Focus

This week I interview one of the best leaders I have personally met. Steve Keil has a relaxed and yet strong leadership style and has a great skill in follow a vision – and what a big vision it is, as he leads the biggest franchise/group in his field in Australia and New Zealand – The Laser Plumbing and Electrical Group.


Steve Keil has spent his career in trade related businesses.  His first decade in the workforce was as an electrical contractor before he moved into the corporate world and worked his way up to senior executive roles with one of the leading electrical wholesaling networks.

In January 2004 Steve risked it all by leaving his well-paid executive position and founded Laser Plumbing & Electrical in Australia.  Laser now has over 130 Electrical and Plumbing contracting companies in their network, employing over 1500 people.

Although Laser is a franchise, their values are such that they refer to their franchisees as Members.  Laser values a ‘servant leadership’ model, whereby Laser believes their success will come from first assisting their Members to be successful.

Steve is driven by a strong sense of social responsibility, evidenced by Laser’s fundraising efforts for beyondblue (over $200,000 in just over a year), and their annual Taskforce, where Laser Members and their employees turn their skills to assist children’s charities. Steve also has a passion for assisting Laser’s Members to redefine their businesses to best serve the owner and their goals.


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