Episode 06 – Ritchie Gibson – From Clinically Dead to Business Success | Glenn Azar

Episode 06 – Ritchie Gibson – From Clinically Dead to Business Success


This week I interviewed a former soldier, Physical Training Instructor, Business Owner, Entrepreneur and now a motivational speaker and best selling author of Be You, Be Great. Ritchie and I worked together in the Army and even deployed on active service together back in the 1990’s.

He is easily the most motivated individual that I know and has a never say die attitude. There are so many lessons from Ritchie in this podcast, I know for sure that you will love this episode. He was once pronounced dead after a car accident and yet still went on to achieve some amazing things.


Ritchie Gibson grew up in housing commission and a working-class environment. His journey from inauspicious beginnings whilst witnessing alcohol and drug abuse and violence on a regular basis educated him not to be a victim of his circumstances and surroundings, but instead to learn from these crucial life lessons and to push himself to finding his passion in educating, inspiring, and motivating others.

His presentations evoke the audience to look at themselves and realize that they have their own skill set – their own strong suit – and that they are more intelligent than they give themselves credit for.

Ritchie is an inspirational leader, motivator and educator. The consistent message back from hundreds of global speaking events is that Ritchie will inspire your audience to feel more confident as a high-quality leader.

Ritchie spent 12 years in the Australian Army winning awards and accreditations for outstanding service. He also received three military medals for active duty.

He draws on his background and experiences to touch and empower his audience and is the reason why attendees are still talking about his talks several years down the track.

The author of the top-selling motivational/self-help book entitled, Be You. Be Great. has propelled him into the international spotlight and become a valued contributor and confidant to numerous senior executives and industry leaders alike.

Now based in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, he travels the country providing motivational and goal-setting solutions to corporate businesses, industry leaders, sports stars, and anyone who wants to improve their performance and is in need of motivation.

You can get in touch with Ritchie via http://beyoubegreat.com.au/


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