Episode 05 – Steve Claydon – Best Selling Author, in Demand Consultant and he’s only just getting started | Glenn Azar

Episode 05 – Steve Claydon – Best Selling Author, In Demand Consultant and he’s Only Just Getting Started

This week I interviewed a young and ambitious go-getter by the name of Steve Claydon. Steve is a best selling author of three books with one on the way. He runs a VBlog called TGIT – Thank God It’s Today. Steve also runs a consulting firm – Equip Consulting which specialises in training sales people to become sales legends.

He’s a public speaker, set up and owns Habitat – Toowoomba’s first co-working space so you can hire a board room and have your meetings out of the office and after this podcast was recorded he even bought into a hip cafe called Bunker Espresso.

There is seriously nothing this guy can’t do but even more than that Steve has an infectious energy and belief in all people. This is a podcast that you will gain so much from so without further ado – here’s the podcast.


Steve Claydon is a #1 Best Selling Author of the ‘Diary of a S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Driven Kid’, ‘Sales Juice – A Concentrated and Complete Selling System’, and Children’s Author of ‘Sammy the Salmon – Go Against The Flow’.

Motivational Sales Training is Steve’s core business, which consists of the perfect combination of personal development (mindset) and professional development (skill set) to allow Sales Professionals, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs to set new sales records time and time again. This is outworked through his revolutionary selling system (The Foresight Selling System) and the Predictable Sales Academy. This very system has allowed Steve to perform at the highest level, winning consecutive National Sales Awards whilst working in the automotive industry and now has been taught to hundreds of businesses across Australia.

Steve is also the Founder and Owner of Habitat Coworking, an exclusive, creative hub for Executives and Entrepreneurs to meet, think, create, and produce.

You can get in touch with Steve via http://www.steveclaydon.com/


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