Episode 04 – Christy Cotroneo – Young & Confident in a Tough Business Market | Glenn Azar

Episode 04 – Christy Cotroneo – Young & Confident in a Tough Business Market


This week I interviewed Personal Trainer, Cafe owner and all round health and fitness enthusiast Christy Cotroneo from Christy’s Angels. We discussed how tough it can be for a young woman starting out in business, how she has worked to overcome setbacks and stuck true to her message which is Women Empowering Women. Making women feel confident in their own skin and taking time for themselves.

Christy runs so much more than a personal training or fitness business. She’s proud of the community she has created and plans to push forward into even bigger fields to get her message out to more women and young girls.


Christy is a clean eating advocate who practices what she preaches.

She has been working in the Health and Fitness industry since she was 16 years old and has passion for changing people’s lives through exercise, mindset and nutrition.

Christy has worked in the fitness industry for over 11 years and in that time developed her own brand Christy’s Angels which is a Women’s Only mentoring program designed to improve the health and fitness women of all ages and fitness levels.

This program is focused on Women Empowering Women and clean eating is a cornerstone of this.

Christy’s passion has seen her push to open her very own clean eating café in Toowoomba with the aim of teaching people to eat healthier to compliment their exercise habits.

Christy has faced challenges in business but faces them with a bubbly attitude and sharp focus to continue to inspire those around her.

You can get in touch with Christy via www.christysangels.com.au


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