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Episode 34 – Find Your Passion and Purpose

Episode 34 - Find Your Passion and Purpose This week you get me on my Pat Malone. I'm sharing with you some tips to find your passion and purpose. Write a list - all the things you love to do. Identify what you do with ease. Look at your past. Play like a child. Do...

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Episode 31 – Belated Welcome to 2017

Episode 31 - Belated Welcome to 2017 Welcome back to the Building Better Humans Project Podcast. It took me a while to get going with the podcast for 2017 but WE ARE BACK!!! This week we have a chat about Yukon Dog Sledding, Aussie 10 Peaks and the Grand Canyon...

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Mid-Week Motivation – Hayden Cox – New Wave Vision

Mid-Week Motivation - Hayden Cox - New Wave Vision I recently purchased a book about  surf entrepreneur Haydon Cox titled New, Wave, Vision. Now I won’t sit here this week and recite the book for you or even give you a book review. Instead I wanted to share a few of...

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