Technology Escape – 29th – 30th August 2016 | Glenn Azar

Tired of the kids being on technology all the time?

Find yourself constantly asking the kids to go out and play?
Starting to sound like your parents?

At some point kids will do as you do and not as you say. So it’s time to take control and take the kids outside.

On the 29th – 30th August I will be running a two day technology escape for parents and kids.

This will be two days to get away and do cool stuff on the sunny coast with myself and my team from Adventure Professionals.

Reconnect with the kids. Lead by example and enjoy an amazing weekend totally organised for you with multi activities.

Want to know more? E –


Children learn best by playing. As adults we tend to lose track of this method to enjoy life.

‘If you want to get some real perspective on life, try viewing the World from the point of view of a 5 year old. ‘

This weekend will make a connection between yourself and the kids like never before.

A wise friend of mine told me many years ago that kids don’t spell love as L.O.V.E but rather they spell it as T.I.M.E.

They will remember the time you spent with them more than the cool things you bought them, the big house, the nice car.

This program is intended to give you a hassle free, no need to organise anything, weekend getaway to maintain a connection with the most precious people in your life.


There will be adventurous activities for all skill and development levels. My team and I will split the activities into – 5yo – 11yo and 12yo – 16yo.


  • All Meals
  • Accommodation
  • All Activities
  • All Required Equipment


  • Clothes
  • Swimmers
  • Long pants
  • Long Sleeeves
  • Shorts
  • T-Shirt
  • Hat
  • Sleeping Bag / Pillow (we do have these if you require)


  • $500 for Two People (yourself and one child).
  • $100 per extra child.
  • $250 per extra adult

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply email and I will send through the paperwork to get you started.

Being a parent is the most important role you will have in life. Let my team and I help you make the most of it.