If I Could Change the World in Just One Way | Glenn Azar

If I could change the World in one way it wouldn’t be teaching you that you’re able to succeed. It wouldn’t be helping you achieve your goals. It wouldn’t be in teaching you to unlock your potential and to believe that you can do something or that you’re worthy, that it’s ok to succeed. These things are a close second.

If the option was to change only one thing in the World to leave it a better place it would be to teach parents not to limit their children. We do this by enforcing our fears on kids. Fears of success, fears of what could go wrong, we teach kids to play it safe.

I think it’s tragic how many adults put a glass ceilings over kids heads which teaches them to minimize any risk in life. But I believe it also minimizes true success and potentially World changing ideas.

Let kids dream. Let kids take risks. Let them learn to succeed but that it’s also ok to fail. You can dust yourself off and go again.

Stop trying to protect them by wrapping them in cotton wool. You’re actually doing damage.

Don’t make them so fearful of making decisions or taking chances that they miss some of the true beauty of life.

I believe most of us have glass ceilings that have been put in place by parents, teachers, people in positions of influence, society – that we then spend the rest of our lives trying to break through.

Be a motivator; be a maverick; break the norms; encourage and educate but never dictate to your kids.

I make no apology for encouraging kids up exceed their or your expectations. To succeed on their own terms.

If people don’t like it, I don’t care. I believe too much in the next generation for your opinion to matter to me. They’re our future and I won’t have them held in bonds too scared to risk living their life.

Go out and give it a go. Back your kids. Treat them like equals. Treat them like they’re the future., because they are.

If you ever wanted to change the World the answer and the method is closer than you think.