Father – Son Reconnection Program | Glenn Azar

Being a Father is the most important responsibility a Man will EVER have. 

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I don’t care what you achieve in your life, how much you earn, how successful you are or what you do for others. In my opinion being a Father is your most important responsibility.

So often us blokes think we need to spend all of our waking hours working on being more successful, working harder, socialising with clients or workmates. It’s all in the mistaken belief that our family is taken care of because all they want is a bigger car, a bigger house, more overseas holidays (where incidentally you spend your whole time checking emails and on the phone back home for business).

A mate told me a few years ago that our children don’t spell love as L O V E but rather as T I M E.

It was something of a revelation because I had been caught on that 18 hour work day to supply for my kids when all my kids really wanted was to spend time with me.

Having recently sold my gym has been the best thing I could have done as it allowed me to spend so much more time with my kids, especially my 10yo Christian and 6yo Samantha.

I am working on a program where I will bring my Adventure and Success Coaching passions together. My first program will be aimed at 12 – 18 year old boys and their Dad’s.

I will be offering programs from 2 days through to 7 days where you get to leave the office behind and invest yourself fully in the lives of your young blokes who need you more than you realise.

We owe it to our society and to our sons, to bring strong young men into this World. They need our direction but to give it to them you need to get to know and understand them all over again.

They’re more capable than you realise and they will one day lead this country so let’s give them the best tools to do that.

If you think you would like to be involved then please get in touch. If you just want to chat about where you and your son are at then please let me know.

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