Are You Trapped in a Glass Jar? | Glenn Azar

When I do talks I often refer to the limitations that we experience as being ‘Glass Ceilings’ or as if we’re trapped inside a ‘Glass Jar’.

We can see the outside World, we can see the sky and beyond but when we try to reach them, we run into the glass often enough and we ‘learn’ not to try and venture further than that.

What is the Glass Ceiling/Glass Jar?

Ever wondered why some people are seemingly able to achieve amazing things whilst some are too scared to even try?

It’s my belief that the limitations we experience are put onto us by those in authority as we grow and develop. This means our parents, teachers and other significant adult figures in our lives. They tell us what we can and cannot do, what we should and should not do.

It’s my belief that they do this out of love. They want to nurture and protect us. Some of this advice is great – ‘Don’t run across the road’ or ‘Don’t grab the pot of water off the stove.’ These are great survival messages, but often the adults in our life will take it too far in an effort to avoid us ever having to experience hurt or pain.

I hate to tell them but we will all experience hurt or pain in our lives. That’s a part of life. I mean, if you didn’t have sadness what would happiness really mean? What would you have to compare it to?

The truth is, that if we don’t get to fully harness our greatness, to chase our dreams, I believe we will experience far more pain than if we take the risk and go out and chase what we want. Failing to achieve something that burns deep inside isn’t painful, it fuels us with even more desire to do it again, but even better next time.

As an adult myself now I work hard not to limit those around me, especially my children. Whether they want to climb Mt Everest like my second daughter or go to university like my first daughter. It doesn’t matter what they want to do. This is their lives and my role as a parent is to guide and encourage them to be the best they can be at whatever it is they want to be. Nothing more and nothing less.

I can’t tell them whether I believe a role is right for them based on education, sex, societal beliefs or any other factor. So long as they aren’t causing harm to any other person then they’re free to make their own choices.

That can be hard as a parent because we always see them as our babies, but please don’t limit them out of misguided notions of protection or love. Empower them to make the right choices when challenged with decisions to make, but don’t tell them what decision to make.

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.   – Jane Hull 

What does this mean for you?

Here’s the good news. This means that you are capable of doing more than you previously thought. You have glass ceilings or live in a glass jar. Kick the lid off that thing and go and experience the World.

Run a marathon, take part in a triathlon, take up boxing, travel to another country and experience a different culture. Act in a play. Learn to dance. Spend a day without a watch or better still without your phone. Scary? Probably, but the freedom you’ll feel from being a part of nature and away from distraction will just amaze you.

Dream 03

As a human you’re an amazingly intelligent and capable animal. Don’t wait until you’re 80 years old to come to that realisation. Don’t make your 80 year old self live with that regret. Do something now that you can thank yourself for when you’re older.

You have a dream. You have a passion. Often I get told people don’t know what their passion is but I don’t buy that for second. When you were a kid you wanted to be something or someone. You wanted to change the World and you truly believed that was possible. Over time you were trained to believe that you couldn’t do it, but every day this World is changed in some way by ordinary people just like you and I.

For me – I want to change Your World. I want to assist people just one person at a time. I know I can’t get through everyone, life is too short, but I will get to as many of you as possible.

What will you do? Today, tomorrow, next week, in 2016 and beyond?

Go do that.


If I can ever help you get somewhere, chase a dream, knock down a wall, remove the lid from the jar…. just let me know. You’ll be helping me fulfill my dream at the same time as achieving your own.

Life’s short. Live out loud. Love what you do.