Your Team are your Brand Ambassadors | Glenn Azar
Today I run my second workshop of three whilst in Melbourne. I am focusing on ‘Teamwork and Leadership’ and just how important they are in the workplace.


One of the people that most resonate with me on this is Phillip Di Bella of DiBella Coffee fame.

The idea that our people, our team, are our brand ambassadors just makes sense to me. I mean we can spend big money getting celebrity endorsement (very 1980’s / 1990’s) but then if our people aren’t raving fans of our business what’s the point?

You don’t want to pour more and more customers into a shitty customer experience because you’re just creating more and more people that didn’t get what your brand promised.
Build great teams, focus on your leadership and your leadership team, then have your team as the brand ambassadors of your business or ….
Spend the extra two millions dollars on advertising, celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing.
The result will no doubt be similar.
Look at your budget. What percentage or profit/turnover do you spend on advertising and marketing?
Now compare that to what you spend on team/staff development and happiness?
It shocks me when people don’t budget this stuff and then wonder why they have high staff turnover or why their team ‘just don’t get it’. Pouring money into marketing and not giving anything to your team development is often just pouring money down the drain in my experience.