Could you lead the Queensland Origin Team? | Glenn Azar


I watched the 2015 State of Origin decider with the joy that any Queenslander would.

But for me there was so much more going on than the demolition job completed by the Queensland Maroons.

I was really interested to see how Cam Smith was going to perform as a leader and as a pivotal team member after he had been bashed by the 60 Minute Program in some rather unfair and poorly edited media.

Cam has never been questioned as a leader and one of the best Origin Players that we have seen, but he had also never been put into this type of situation before. This was hardcore and aimed directly at Cam, his family and his mates.

As someone who studies Teamwork and Leadership with a passion to know how and why great people do what they do, and how we can emulate them, this game was far more than a game of football and the video below gives you the key messages that I took from Cam Smith’s performance and how they can work for you in business or the workplace.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts on this and feel free to connect with me if you’d like to know more about becoming a great leader and building a great team.