Starts with You | Glenn Azar

If you want to drastically alter the course of your business then focus on LEADERSHIP – You want strong leaders  to lead the ship in the right direction. What’s the right direction? The one that creates a profitable business which achieves the aims of the customers and where your team wants to work.

I have recently re-assessed my own leadership and in the process decided what I needed to do more of, less of and just maintain.

My list is simple:

More = Leadership Coaching for people that understand leadership is a skill which transforms their careers and/or business. You can see my programs here: GA Leadership Program 2018

Less = Personal Coaching. I simply do not have the time as we launch Project 180.

Same = Adventures, Podcasts, Video Content (check our youtube channel which I haven’t used a heap but am reigniting as my team and I get ready to launch Project 180. Check the little video trailer below).

In short, if you want to improve anything in 2018 my tip is to focus on leadership and start with yourself. Then focus on guiding and building a leadership group within your team.

I will work with you or your leadership team to create the cultural change and guidance that all great teams need to continue to improve, innovate and grow. As a leader your role is to develop your leaders and I will help you with that through my GA Leadership Program 2018. The role of your leaders is build relationships and develop the standards and culture within the rest of your team and your teams role is to be really good at what they do so that your customers receive the experience they deserve and pay for.

You can spend all the money in the world on marketing, you can have a great product but if you don’t have a great team who love what they do then the customer experience is still likely to be very poor. I learnt this from good friend, business guru and coffee king Phil DiBella. He focused on building a great culture in his business and every time you walked into the DiBella Roasting Warehouse the enthusiasm within his team was palpable. You could literally feel how excited and motivated people were to be there. They were happy.

Compare that to cafes you walk into where the wait staff barely acknowledge you and it seems that taking your order is a real chore. How do you feel?

Phil DiBella realised that it wasn’t all about the coffee. It was about the way you felt when you walked into and out of his business. The fact that he sold great coffee was an added benefit.

So it’s over to you. What will you do differently with your business and your team this year? How much have you put in the budget to develop your leaders? How much have you put in your budget for marketing? I’ll bet there’s a real mismatch there. Maybe it’s time to focus on what’s important, not simply attracting new clients but building a culture and team that makes clients want to come back time and time again.