Finding Your Passion in 2020 | Glenn Azar

At the end if the day all the truly matters is what matters to you. What makes your heart skip a beat or beat a little faster. Who makes you smile? Whether it’s when you see them, think about them or their name pops up in a message on your phone.

If there’s no set conversation what topic naturally comes to mind or pops up? If you have no agenda what books do you read, what articles online capture your attention, or what do like to think about or loom at pictures of?

These are all vital clues into what your passion is. There’s a misnomer out there that we must all find our passion and then pursue it as a means to an end – that is, we must find a way to get paid to do our passion. I don’t entirely agree.

I mean it’s a great thing if you can do it, of course, and I come from a place of person who is doing that but I’m also aware if the fact that I’m an anomaly in this area. Its not possible for everyone. Sometimes our passion just doesn’t have money earning capability attached to it and that’s OK. It doesn’t mean your passion can’t be your passion. It doesn’t mean you have to chuck in your job and just work your passion whilst slowing getting behind and nit being able to pay your bills. That’s not a thing, I promise you because nothing kills passion like not being able to pay your bills. Look at how many people get divorced off the back of financial difficulties.

Identifying your passion is extremely important. Its something that fulfils you, it makes you feel good and when we feel good we do good and we’re good to be around. That can’t be a bad thing. But here’s my belief around passion and money:

If you can’t make a living from your then dedicate yourself to what you do for a job, your career, and become really bloody good at it. When you walk through the doors be fully present and give the best if yourself because you’re being paid to do that. The better you become the more you’re worth. Your value will never decrease when giving 100% of yourself.

With that extra value cones extra money and with that extra money comes the ability to do more of what you’re passionate about in your time away from work. Everyone wins.

Sitting at work and giving a half-arsed effort because it’s not your ‘passion’ will never yield a positive result for you, your employer, your customers, your workmates. Literally no-one is better off. But be phenomenal at what you do and spend your outside work tine doing more of what lights you up, well that can do nothing but yield positive results for everyone you cone in contact with.

Is your passion important? You bet ya.

Should you spend time finding out what truly lights you up? Absolutely.

Will your life and outlook change in all areas? You literally have no idea just how much.

Have a great 2020 everyone.