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Starts with You

If you want to drastically alter the course of your business then focus on LEADERSHIP - You want strong leaders  to lead the ship in the right direction. What's the right direction? The one that creates a profitable business which achieves the aims of the customers...

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LEADERSHIP is the New Black in 2018

A word that comes up consistently for me in 2018 is LEADERSHIP. Want to build a better business? You need to be built a great team and building a great team requires a focus on building great leaders. This means that your first priority is to improve your own...

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Courage – How to Get It.

Many people struggle with having the self-confidence to believe in themselves or to chase their dreams. Truthfully though what they lack is courage. The courage to have a go. The courage to risk looking silly if they fail. The courage to say 'I think I'm good enough.'...

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Your Team are your Brand Ambassadors

Today I run my second workshop of three whilst in Melbourne. I am focusing on 'Teamwork and Leadership' and just how important they are in the workplace.   One of the people that most resonate with me on this is Phillip Di Bella of DiBella Coffee fame. The idea that...

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Coaching and Authenticity

Many times I have read the opinion, or been given the opinion directly, that coaching is BS and everyone seems to be doing it these days. All you need is a camera and then be able to create content around your thoughts and opinions on what it takes to succeed in life...

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